About Us

We use the word “kenjutsu”, but our style may be more accurately described as a “sogo-bujutsu” or an “all-encompassing martial art” incorporating both armed and un-armed skills. Born on ancient battlegrounds, sogo-bujutsu is the authentic original root of all Japanese martial systems.

Our training centres around mastery of the Japanese long sword (katana and bokken), the short sword (wakizashi/shoto), knife fighting (tanto-jutsu), long staff weapons (jo-jutsu/yari/naginata) and those unarmed techniques known as muto (without sword) or jiu-jitsu (very effective in self-defence, including joint locks, throws, striking techniques etc.)

As a dojo, we are a close knit family who are friends inside and out of the dojo. We train hard and we have fun together in a spirit of comradeship. We believe a true warrior should have honour and integrity as well as humility and gentleness.

Life is an art created by every individual, which for us is “jinsei kenjutsu” (living kenjutsu). Kenjutsu practitioners should not pursue martial arts merely for the sake of learning how to fight and win. Learning kenjutsu is a means of learning not only techniques and principles but also the way one’s heart should be. “If one’s heart is untrue, his sword will be untrue as well,” as the proverb says. Depending on the swordsman’s intent, his sword can be katsujinken “sword that gives life or saves lives”) or satsujinken (“sword that takes life”).