TomboKai (Dragonfly School) is dedicated to the study of the ancient martial arts of the Samurai. We learn and apply the skills that were used by the Samurai in hand-to-hand combat with edged weapons. The strategy of the sword was the most important aspect of samurai military training. Bujutsu can be thought of as living history, preserving principles of combat and details of etiquette of an era long past. The benefits of the Way of the sword are external (physical) and internal (spiritual) and embody timeless strengths and values that are frequently eroded by modern lifestyles. Bujutsu is also very practical, empowering people to face the challenges of life with clarity and tranquillity. In it’s highest form, it becomes Bushido, a way to live one’s life.

We study the following Japanese arts in our various dojo:
Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo, an old-school (koryu) samurai sword art
Nakamura-Ryu Batto-Do and are members of the Kokusai Battodo Renmei (IBF)
Sorato Ryu Bujutsu
Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu
Reality-based self defence